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Sollevamento Elettrico <br>per Tapis Roulant SH


Attuatore, staffe, minuteria, e ferramenta per applicare il sistema di sollevamento elettrico SE al tuo tapis roulant che ne è sprovvisto.

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Attuatore, staffe, minuteria, e ferramenta per applicare il sistema di sollevamento elettrico SE al tuo tapis roulant che ne è sprovvisto.

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per Tapis Roulant SH

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    John Doe

    I had an expensive Blue Yeti Pro that just died. After having spent about $250 for it a few years ago, I thought it’d last forever. Up until this happened I was a fan of Blue.

    This HyperX has good reviews and though I didn’t really need the LED lighting, it’s pretty cool. I also like the way it handles muting. The Yeti was pretty vague about muting so I was always having to test it to make sure when it was muted and when it wasn’t.

    Its built-in pop filter isn’t very good so I added an aftermarket one to it. The one I added is cheap and found all over Amazon. It did the trick and now I don’t have any issue with plosives anymore.

    The stand that comes with it is heavy duty metal, so it is very stable. It does come with a boom stand adapter, but didn’t have any logical place to store it, so I super-glued a threaded mic adapter to the base and screwed the boom adapter to that. If I hadn’t done that then when I finally do get around to mounting it to my boom, I’ll have long ago lost the adapter. The manufacturer could easily mold a male, threaded bit onto the stand for storing the boom adapter. I don’t know why they didn’t think of that.

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    John Doe

    Bought the HyperX QuadCast S, new. Downloaded HyperX ngenuity.
    When I plugged in the mic (other than occasional beeping noise from my computer) it’s as if there was nothing plugged it. “Device Not Recognized”.
    I Googled remedies. I searched YouTube for an answer. I turned off “quick start up” on my PC. Nothing. No answers.
    Then I found about 8+ Reddit threads of users having the same issue, from as far back as two years, to just days ago. Each Reddit thread had multiple user comments claiming the same issue as the og users post.
    Most of the users claimed, after contacting HyperX, a faulty mic… “Had to return, replacement on the way”.
    For over a year, I researched, between the HyperX (o.g. or ‘S’) and the Blue Yeti before making my decision to go with HyperX, but I never found the threads of dozens & dozens of people recieving “faulty” equipment, until after the fact.
    Ps I’ll give it a couple more days of attempts (before I miss the return deadline). If it turns out to be a User Error, I will retract my negative review/stars and adjust accordingly.

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    John Doe

    This is an impressive microphone with fine sensitivity without any popping. It picks up voices even when facing away from it. We used it to transmit Tibetan bowl soundings across Zoom, and it came across crystal clear (even though the internet is merely a best effort Service and Zoom has lots of delay and jitter). But the microphone exceeded all expectations.

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    John Doe

    I was looking to upgrade my headset mic for both gaming and work. I gave the hyperx a chance and have no regrets. Everyone I talk to complements how clear and well I sound. I also have three dogs and two kids, background noise is never an issue. I would recommend this mic to anyone looking into streaming or for work.

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    John Doe

    I don’t know what people are talking about when they say it disconnects or draws too much power. It never does that to me. And it doesn’t pick up back ground noise probably cause I don’t have my gain maxed out. I don’t have my voice in the red when I talk it’s just under red. It works good.

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    John Doe

    This mic is high quality, my friends commented on the difference between this and my Razer Siren Mini (Don’t buy the siren mini btw, ever). The quality is great, I recommend using the cardioid setting for crisp voice, which I find perfect for streaming, gaming, or just talking with friends.

    Something to note, is that after a couple of days I was having an issue with a slight buzzing sound coming through and had spoken to support who told me to replace the cable or refund the item. It was very frustrating, but I figured out what it was. The mic can actually pic up on frequencies of smart phones or routers nearby, I moved my router off my desk and the buzzing stopped. If you experience the same issue (it’s easiest to tell through playback tests on your PC), give this a try before you refund it or waste extra money on a new cable.

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    John Doe

    Great mic really I had two flaws, one being the software needed to update the mic wouldn’t show the mic as detected so I could never update it. Second being its sooooo sensitive. I had the gain turned as low as it possibly could with stream labs having -60 noise suppression and it still picked my gf talking who was about 10 feet away from me. I know condenser mics are more sensitive but wow lol.

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    John Doe

    The mic sound is really good and it’s basically plug-n-play.
    The one thing I don’t care for is monitoring. I’m a streamer and like to have the ability to hear myself in my headset when I talk into the mic. The only way you get real live monitoring is if you plug your headset into the back of the mic.
    You can monitor your mic if you select it on your Windows Audio setup but because the audio has to be processed by the pc first, monitoring this way the audio has a delay which throws you off when you talk. The same holds true if you monitor using OBS. The only way to not have a delay is plugging your headset directly into the mic. Issue with that is if you have 7.1 surround sound headset, that feature will NOT work if plugged into mic.

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    John Doe

    I’ve always used a gaming headset with an attached mic but the output quality of my voice would always be bad. Found this quadcast plus boom arm for such a great price. Installing it was a breeze and from what ive been told about the voice audio, my voice sounds crisp and clear.

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    John Doe

    Got bullied into buying a new mic instead of the one on my headset , went from sounding like an AM radio to an ASMR tingle person

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