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The Tapis Roulant "Starker Hund was designed in 1985 by Frederick Mogno, cinofilo, especially passionated for the race" German Shepherd ". He was often in trouble with the morphological and athletic preparation of its dogs at various gatherings. To better train the dogs was forced to seek help from other cinofili but other people had the same problems.

For example: how can dogs train in case of bad weather. ?

At that point, here's the bright idea: build a small conveyer belts that allow a training of the dog even when it's raining outside, and no longer ask for help to others: a tool with which the dog does not feel forced, but he enjoys.

The prototype was not beautiful nor marketable, but it was satisfactory: the moving walkways to train and at the same time diverting dogs. Also there was another big advantage: To train a dog, usually requires two people, but here the one person could train more dogs. Shortly morphological improvements IN dogs trained using this method were apparent.

Mr. Mogno was convinced that they have found the right path. Friends cinofili and farmers made aware of the invention, were initially suspicious. But even after trying their dogs on the moving walkways, they get convinced that it was a functional tool with excellent results. So, after appropriate amendments, Mr. Mogno began to market the product, giving the German name of "Hund Starker" ( "best dog"). Presented in various exhibitions in Italy and abroad, advertised in newspapers and magazines, "Starker Hund has trained not only" German shepherds, but also dogs of any breed, some of these have won national, European and world titles.

These successes have only one explanation: the "Starker Hund is the only moving walkways that combines speed and reliability.

And this is the secret to makE your dog THE BEST DOG.

of Federico Mogno
Via L.Einaudi, 29   -  35016 Piazzola sul Brenta




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